Vienna and More from Eva Ibbotson


Image      Recently, I made a short mention of a book by Eva IbbotsonThe Star of Kazan.  This story is set in Vienna.  According to a description of the book, it is set at the end of the 18th century.  However, while reading the book, I got the impression that … 

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ImageJake and Kitty are excited … We just finished listening to a book I borrowed from the Public Library’s online digital library.  They enjoyed the book so much …

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Migration in Progress …


Well, ain’t that a (*^*(*%(* pain!

I wanted to “paste” some text here but WordPress apparently does not allow that option at all.

You will have noticed that my most recent posts here have been VERY short with a “click here” for the rest of the post.  Well, WordPress used to be a good blogging platform but no longer “works” for me.  I am migrating the blog to Blogger / Blogspot but since I have a couple followers here, I was at least starting the post here and finishing it over at Blogger …

I might still follow that procedure for a time, but …

A new post was fully written at Blogger and I was trying to post the beginning here, using the “copy, paste” method but WordPress won’t let me paste anything here.

So … re-bookmark me at

[Well, I did find out that using the Cmd-V allows me to paste, but that pasting html just prints that code instead of “doing” it … ARGH!  So, I will do what I can to make the opening of the blog post here, with the link to the finish at Blogger … I think you will like the book I am highlighting there — it is incredibly fun, no matter what your age.]