April is for … Annual A to Z Blogging Challenge


Ahhh ...

The idea – according to the site about the challenge — is to blog daily (except Sundays) during April.  Each day, the post’s theme is based on a letter of the alphabet.

It starts tomorrow and I am already behind!  I started a list of themes and came up with too many.  Narrowed down the list.  Got too ambitious in the post material and already and behind, like I said.

So … I thought I might not sign up officially.  And haven’t, yet.

Some of the bloggers started today … so, I guess the Challenge Has Begun.  If I can still sign up, now that it has begun, I will sign up and be on the list officially.  If not, I will still try to blog daily using each letter of the alphabet

To get you started, here is the Home Base for the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2012 Blog Hophttp://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/2012-to-z-challenge-sign-up-list.html

I Signed Up!

So, off I went, and discovered that I could still sign up.  AND …

I am really behind.

Usually, Sundays are ignored for the A to Z challenge but this year there are too many Sundays and this year the first Sunday of April (TODAY) is Day One …

Oh well … I’ll still be starting tomorrow with A … :-)

See you back here, same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time, tomorrow …

(oh, in case you are wondering, I am number 1759 on the list of participants this year …)



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    • Yep, got a couple other blogs here, relating to a writing project I am involved in, but post to them so infrequently I am almost ashamed to admit I am associated with them. Loved your post today but couldn’t leave a comment there because there was no “leave a comment” box to use …

  1. LOL you really are a trip girl. I’m glad you signed up you have way much to share to be silent. And I love you kitten pic, that’s exactly how you must be feeling about not.
    Thanks for the giggles.

  2. Today could be day one “AH-Shoot! I missed it. Starting with AH” Why not, it is a legit post. Ah begins with A. Either way, good luck. I am new this year too. I have no idea what number I am but I am at kid-lit-reviews.com.

  3. So, until I arrived here, I didn’t realize I had to add my link every single day! Thanks for sending me to wonder and look. This is my first time joining A-Z.

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