A is for … ARGHHHHH!


Okay, Okay!  I admit it!

I made this whole thing far more complicated for myself than I needed to.  It is a tendency I have and why I almost skipped participating in this glorious Internet-wide “event.”  But …

Success — blogging with a theme for every letter of the alphabet during April


Failure — blogging as many letters of the alphabet as possible during the month of April —

either way, it is going to be FUN!  I decided it IS going to be FUN!  For me, and I hope desperately, for anyone who bothers to stop by to see what inanity I may decide to offer up during this blog hop of nearly 2000 writing/blogging participants.  :-)

Initially, A conjured up a memory of “A is for apple pie … nice insidey, apple pie …”  It was an Edward Lear poem in The Bumper Book — mom used to read to me from it at bedtime.  The story of the Calico Cat and Gingham Dog were on a nearby page (which actually kind of scared me) but my favorite was this Edward Lear nonsense poem.  I hope to have more about Mr. Lear and his poems for the letter L …

And, well, A is for Apple seemed a bit conventional … (though, I saw the most amazing blog post about A is for Apple yesterday with a link to the Appletavlan … it’s COOL — be sure to check it out!) so I wondered what else to choose for the subject and actually came up with a list far too long for one blog post.  I settled on ALPHABET PICTURE BOOKS. “Easy-peasy,” I thought.

This was just about a little over a week ago.  I went online, visited the local public library’s inter-library loan card catalog and requested a few Alphabet Picture Books from one particular library;  and, decided to spend an hour or two in the library looking through the books.  Then, I would whip up a fabulous blog post all about them.

WHO KNEW?  I’m glad I didn’t have that hour to spend at the library and brought them all home with me.  Who would suspect that a small pile, yes – pile, of picture books could turn out to be so daunting.  22 books, in a pile about a foot deep, should have taken almost no time to look through and write about.

I think it has been far too long since I’ve been in the children’s department of a book store and held the current books in my hands.

Eventually, I will get through the whole pile and will write about them all.  But I will also have to do a bit more research into the world of books for children, the teaching of reading to children and about child psychology — because what I saw does not fit my concept of picture book …

So, instead — I give you a series of words beginning with the letter A:

Asparagus, Albuquerque, Amazing, Armadillo, Aardvark, Ant, Alligator, Apple, Anger, Allegation, Antidisestablishmentarianism, Awesome, Atrocious, and Achoo.

{Eventually, I will get caught up and have the correct letter matching the “letter of the day” for the Challenge … eventually … And I will eventually do the post about Alphabet Picture Books … maybe for P is for Picture Books.}

Until next time, keep on reading!


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  1. HI there, thank you so much …. I think our Äppletavla is pretty cool too. 70.000 nail are the using and 3 tonnes of apple. Every year after the picking season is over. Thanks for stopping by and taking it in., Good luck with your bit of the Challenge.

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