B is for … part 2



B is for …


Out with my camera, thinking about barns, I stopped and took care of my errand.

While I really didn’t want to … I ended up pulling up to the menu board and mumbly speaker at one of the fast food joints. The food they sell — for a really good description of it, read all about Sable in Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
Anyhow, I figured I would be out for a while and while the “food” wouldn’t be the best, it would at least fill me up until dinner time. I forgot there were two other options for fast food in the area. Those two places, though, are not on the main road and I easily forget about them. **sigh**

Looking over the menu board I realized something — it actually cost more to purchase the combo meal deal than to order each item individually! So I ordered them individually but the cashier changed my order to the combo. I paid then asked to talk to the manager and explained the problem. She did not look happy.

Was she upset because I had asked for a refund of the difference? Or because I had figured out the scam?

My grandfather used to have a “joke” — that he has seen a sign in a butcher shop window — “Hamburger, 25 cents a pound. 3 pounds for a dollar.”

Hmmmm …

Do you find that “out of sight” really is “out of mind” and miss the alternatives available?


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