B is for …


B is for …


It was a gorgeous day. Bright sun. Warm even.

Had an errand to run. Grabbed keys, purse and camera.

Thinking while driving. “What can I write about today for the letter B?” Then, in front of me was a barn …

They are everywhere out here where I live. I love them. Maybe not the farm perfume emanating from a few of them, but …

Barns come in many forms around here. I don’t mean architectural styles but how they are valued. Many are used. Many are not. And among those that are not being used, many are allowed to fall into complete ruin. I imagine some of the owners just staring at their barn, willing it to crumble to dust soon enough for it to come off this year’s property tax bill. Others, though not too many around here have done this but I’ve seen articles and TV shows about it — sell the barn to contractors who will dismantle the barn to rebuild it somewhere else. Usually, that rebuilt barn is converted to a home. Or the barn is dismantled and the old hardwood is used as lumber to build a new structure. Around here, as dairy farmers find they put in a lot of work for little reward, they sell off the herd and let the barn go.

There was a time, when I looked at watercolor paintings of Nature reclaiming what man as used — old cars rusting away among lots of grasses and wild flowers, or tumbling down barns — as beautiful works of art. And they may still be beautiful works of art, but now those images depress me.

I want to figure out a way to evaluate a nation’s economy based on its Barns instead of on “new housing starts” and other new construction. The ability to feed your people and more than adequately reward those who take on that job — that should be an indication of the overall health of a nation — economically and socially.

There I go again, living in Hope and Wishes instead of Reality … **sigh**

For more information about old barns, I want to suggest a book — but it is in the back seat of the car hubby used to go to work today. I believe it is called An Age of Barns by Eric Sloane.  It is full of his paintings and drawings of barns and some interesting history and facts about barns.

— Well, my barn photos did not turn out as well as I had hoped.  My camera needs to be replaced — it has metering and focusing “issues” — but I can’t find one I like enough to spend money on … in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these few views:

**sigh** I did something wrong and lost the post from the main blog page but found a draft of it … **phew**  So, here it is, again, I hope.

So, do you think Barns could somehow become a symbol of a nation and people’s economic and societal health and vitality?


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  1. Very nice … well put together the collage! Barns are a good object for photos – you have done a great job here. I think you camera has done a great job here.

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