C is For …


C is for Cute Cat

C is for …


–> Cod by Mark Kurlansky, is an interesting look at a world I’ve taken for granted. Along with Salt, Kurlansky introduces history, facts, and recipes on topics that, at first glance, don’t seem to warrant an entire book. Kurlansky makes both topics so fascinating and interesting, you won’t want the book to end.

I listened to both books. Scott Brick reads Salt. Scott is one of my favorite readers and he can make even a phonebook sound like an interesting read. Richard M. Davidson reads Cod and brings the subject to life.


–> Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. I admit, you will probably hate this book along with its sequel, The Secret History of the American Empire. The writing is not that good. And you may not even like what Perkins has to say. However, the information in these two books is a behind-the-scenes look at wheeling and dealing around the world. The information contained in the books is important enough to find a way to get through them to the end.

My solution? Audiobooks. I would never have read these books. I prefer audiobooks most of the time, anyhow. In this case, the audiobook was the only way I would get through these two books. I shouldn’t really say “I’m glad” I got through them, because the info in them shouldn’t make anyone happy … but I am glad I finished these two books.

When you have gotten through these two books, please come back and tell me your ideas about the SAMA project …


–> Curtain by Agatha Christie was a total surprise. It is the last Hercule Poirot novel. DO NOT read it until you have read the entire Poirot canon first, though. As Christie mysteries go, I think this is the best (though not my favorite). When you read it, you’ll figure out why it isn’t my favorite but it is on my “You’ve just got to read this book” list that I give out to friends (whether they really want my reading suggestions or not).


–> Hmmm … I have a couple other ideas on my list, but I don’t want to overload you here. So for a change of pace, away from books to a website I think you may find interesting: http://blog.chasejarvis.com/live/

While here at the “live” section of his site, check out the current webcast in the box at the top of the page. Most recent webcast (as of 4/10/12) is with Adrian Grenier (I’ll be going back to watch the episode as soon as I get this posted). Recent episodes include an interview with a band called The Lumineers (the webcast will soon be available in the Recent Episodes portion of the page and well worth checking back to catch when it is made available) and a must-see episode for all web bloggers with Guy Kawasaki (available in the Previous Episodes section of the page).

While you are at the site, check out Chase’s photography and then “wander” the rest of the site.

** So, when faced with something you’d rather not deal with, do you find another way to approach it, or do you drop it and go find something else to do? **


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