“Welcome to the Land of Cain” needs an Author


Ever since the extreme right-wing conservatives (politically and religiously) in the USA decided to demonize — thanks, only in part, to Ann Coulter’s book Demonic — those anywhere left of their position on any and all issues affecting life in this country, I have been (mentally) threatening to start a blog called “Welcome to the Land of Cain.”  I even went so far as to find an online name generator (sorry, I forget which one I used, but there are a number of them to choose from if you google it) — to find a list of possible names for my “author” of the blog.

While looking for other information on my computer, which I did not find yet, I came across that list of names that the generator spit out for me.  I have now narrowed the list from over 100 names to just 10 to choose from. 

I need help, though.  I’m not sure which to use.  AND I hope to find out if any of these are actual names in another language, so that I do not inadvertently choose a name that is “real.”

Here they are — let me know, in the comments, which you like and if you know if any of these names are real or not.  THANKS in advance :-)

  • –> Topun
  • –> Ulaphunal
  • –> Oxpzac
  • –> Isnak or Iznak
  • –> Urarot
  • –> Idosap
  • –> Taax
  • –> Zoltper
  • –> Isutih
  • –> Unadon
  • –> Ahlex
  •  –> My husband just suggested a real name, Lilith — however, the story behind the name is really interesting and in Arabian mythology she was the first wife of Adam who did not “behave” and became a djinn (an evil spirit)

[The source for the image in this post is http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Andras(demon).jpg

I’m not sure if I need to include the copyright information or if that stuff refers to adding an image to the wiki commons … so I put it here if you want to click on it and findout a little more about the image …]


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