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I is for …


So, where IS the green grass?

I is for …


One day back in March, I opened the door and out went one of the cats into the outdoors.
She thought it was such a sunny gorgeous day that she would find a warm day and lots of yummy green grass. She found a sunny, cold day and lots of still brown, crunchy grass left over from last year. She did “the cow thing” anyhow and munched happily on the crunchy stuff — only after she had stalked off far enough away so I could not easily grab her to return her to the dark, grassless house.

How often do I let “looks” deceive me? And having been deceived, grump instead of getting on with getting into my day?

Do you let unmet expectations derail you? If so, join the club! If not, do you have any hints for the rest of us on how to cope better with the discord between what we hope to find and reality?