A-to-Z H E L P ! ! ! ! !



Um ... is there a problem here?

I am soooooo far behind in this Blogging challenge …
I can either try to catch up
Just pick up with today’s letter and then fill in the blank spots as I go
I can whine …

I think I’ll whine just a little
because you may have some ideas to help here …

I have a large stack of books next to my desk
that need to go back to the library soon
so part of me wants to be listening to them or reading them
instead of doing the writing I need to do …

I was so gung ho and ready to go —
even had a list of possible topics for each letter of the alphabet
so that I had “no excuse”
and then
I ran into what I consider an insurmountable wall.

Well, insurmountable it probably hyperbole. Certainly, it is.
I’m just using it as an excuse to procrastinate, to avoid …

But, it is sort of important to me.

Maybe not to most everyone else.

I like to read a serif font. I don’t like to read sans serif fonts — fonts like Ariel and others that don’t have the little “tails” … For easy reading I like to see a Bookface Serif font like Times New Roman or Georgia or Bookman …

So, when I started up this new blog through WordPress, I picked one that had serif fonts. Or I thought it had serif fonts. The box I type the post in uses a serif font. The title of the blog is in serif font.
The posted post is in sans serif. I did not know this would happen until I hit “post” …

Now, I have other WordPress blogs and those posts come out with a serif font and … I was able to customize it with my own banner and do a few other things. I started one of those blogs just a couple of months ago and could customize its theme.

But now, I have to pay a fee to be able to even change the font of the blog post.


So, here I am, straining my eyes, while even wearing a pair of cheater glasses to magnify things, to read a font that is sans serif and even at its largest default size is too small for easy reading. And I got totally depressed immediately and …

Wanted to go give up immediately.

So, I went over to Blogger and started a new blog there.

Yet, it is the WordPress address associated with the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge Blog Hop.

So, here is where I hope you can help:

I have a couple of options:

1) I want to include photos in most of my posts. These need to find a home on the web or be direct uploaded. Having a bit of a problem finding the “right” home for them right now while in the middle of trying to get a post put together.
So, for that most recent blog I had started, the actual “post” is a pdf file I store over at BOX … and I post a short intro to it at the blog itself. The pdf file then includes the photos or artwork plus is formatted for easy reading.
Would you be interested in something like that? If I start the post here with a “more …” that links to the download at BOX?
2) I start the post here and the “more …” takes you to Blogger for the entire post but perhaps missing the photos I really want to be able to include? (at least until I find my photo solution)

THANK YOU for your input :-)

I hope you are enjoying this blog hop. I sure am enjoying wandering around from blog to blog and seeing all the intelligent and clever people and what they have to share with the rest of us.

I’m back to add this (I’m actually of visiting other blogs right now but sent this “postcard” back here because you might enjoy this laugh too …)  Wanted to leave a comment there but couldn’t figure out how to … so here it is:  “This is the funniest blog I’ve read so far.  Thanks for the laugh.  Just remember you need to know your Pardon Me from your Excuse Me to survive in this land of crunchy snails.”  So hop on over and visit Muppets for Justice.

I’ve visited soooo many wonderful blogs on this Hop, that I am tempted to not try to catch up but just share a dozen or so each day that I visit … but that wouldn’t be fair, would it … but I might, from time to time, drop in a recommendation to visit one that made me smile or laugh or that teaches me something new and different.  Muppets for Justice’s post for G was so tongue-in-cheek and funny, I thought I really had to share it with you all …


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  1. There is an easy solution to this problem. Pour a tall glass of ice tea, dish up a big bowl of chocalate chip ice cream, with a couple of Kit-Kat (the subject of my 2011 A-Z letter K) along side and put a DVD of Burn Notice in the player, kick back in the recliner and the problem will go away.

    • Greg, I love your advice. Now, I just have to get a copy of Burn Notice and I’ll be all set. :-)
      Well … maybe Hoodwinked Too will work if I can figure out what I did with it (I put it someplace where the cats won’t find it and hide it — so it is just as well “hidden” …)

  2. Sue,

    For the challenge, the posts should be rather short and to the point, so I’m not sure about asking people to go somewhere for more.

    As for your photos – do you use flickr.com? I love that site because I can upload photos there, resize them, then post the html code for them directly in a blog post AND have the different sizes available for posting at other sites of mine.

    • Flickr has a problem — if you want your photos to be available for more than a year you have to pay a fee — and I’m not really willing to do that. I had a paid Flickr account in the past but decided that there has to be a better way … lost some photos from Snapfish (actual photos on film) because we had them uploaded to Flickr instead of having the negatives and prints sent back to us. We didn’t realize we wouldn’t get the negative back. But these were important photos, we thought the ability to share them with the whole family, easily, was a great plus, and did it. A year later we discovered these photos of my nephew’s commissioning into the Marines aboard the USS New Jersey were gone … we bought into Flickr for a while but then I downloaded everything back out of there and canceled the membership.

      AS for the “asking people to go somewhere else …” — I’m not sure it is a good idea so that’s why I’m looking for input. Thanks for your input. I;ll end up “tallying up” the replies and see where that leaves me …

  3. I started out blogging with Blogger and haven’t moved to Word Press. Not being familiar enough with Word Press, I’m sorry I don’t have sound advice for you. But I do like Greg’s advice.

  4. For me blogging is what I would like to share and having fun while I do it – learn something myself on the same time. Photo’s – google has millions of them for free. It’s not only all about how many likes and followers we have. it’s about that we are having fun and feel good about what we are writing, short or long. Good luck to you and don’t worry to much about all the clever “others” Viveka

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